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We guarantee the authenticity of every product we stock. Certain items may also include the designer’s own proof of authenticity, such as an authenticity card, dust bag, etc.


"Our idea is to provide classics accented with a sense of individuality. The result - cool, easy, and chic looks for men & women that personifies a youthful elegance and personal style."

Casey Levan is the curated product of American street culture. It is both a prime symbol and volatile component of the clashing of class and environment within the American landscape. Born of the stark seditious brilliance of the underclass, Casey Levan is expressed and refined by the intellectual sensibilities of the upper sections of society. This coalescence is materialised through mediums of social commentary, immersive art and cutting-edge streetwear.

Our Motive

Despite our values and upbringings what we wear typically defines who we are or whom we would like to be portrayed as. I know what I only see through my eyes. I share enough of myself with the given universe to see how much of an impact I intend to mask. I’m literally building luxuries inside of garments and that is the most lux which is self. I would like Casey Levan to create Space Suits In The Garden™” and revive a culture of self awareness by enlightenment.

Our Vision

When a design is first conceive a thought commences. Whatever comes to fruition, begins. An endless thought-provoking concept reveals itself. Playing out in a submissive manner design takes shape, and a newborn of  culture dawns.

The Founder

Curated by Evrice Cornelius, each of our seasonal offerings will be presented as an Exhibition. This 2nd Exhibit titled “Love Undercover” proposes a deliberate way to think of the hidden layers we propose ourselves while contrasted emotions are displayed. “We all consume space, the garment is a mere illusion of how we feel in our own field of perception.” This is the true value of design


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